LEADERSHIP: Where Business Ethics Begin

Available in three editions

Second Edition, Instructor Edition, Student Edition How does a person begin to increase the quality of life and effectiveness in their work or business environment? The answer is to begin to understand the root causes (or why) of your business, industry or environment from a new perspective or standard. An example of this can be found within the management hierarchy in chapter six; once the reader discerns from the hierarchy the areas that should be addressed within a company, he or she will see that each job or position in a company and business is a management position, requiring a stronger leadership perspective. From an ethical perspective, the book explains many root causes of what leads to creating an ethical environment, a critical responsibility of an organization’s leadership. This book has been written as a “how to” to help the person who wants to increase the quality of his or her life and effectiveness in his or her business environment, whether it is the business of creating something within the private sector or in the business of government. For that person working in and as part of the business community, it is the perfect gift!


Where Business Ethics Begin.

This book can be considered a guided meditation on leadership, strategy, ethics, business and the value that is created within business activity.

Plus ...

All editions contain a case study on the financial services/banking industry to show how the topics described within the book can be applied from a 180 degree vision perspective.

The following are one sentence excerpts from each chapter:

Chapter One:

"This book is about awareness* and the role it plays in significantly increasing our quality of life and our ability to create value for ourselves and others."

Chapter Two:

“Focusing on what is happening around you and then detaching from the result was one of the main ideas presented in chapter 1.”

Chapter Three:

“Out of expanding awareness comes what I have dubbed 180-degree vision*.”

Chapter Four:

“The ability to manage the Four Ss by integrating a company's STRATEGY with evolving knowledge and information within the SCIENCE, SERVICE, and SPIRITUAL arenas requires an expanded awareness of personal service.”

Chapter Five:

“As stated in prior chapters, our vision or understanding of our role as a leader is impacted almost completely by our awareness and understanding of life and the human condition.”

Chapter Six:

“Leaders that begin to see with 180-degree vision as a result of increasing awareness will realize a powerful change in experience and success. They will intuitively focus on longer term issues...”

Chapter Seven:

“I first heard of the idea of ‘frame of reference’ when I attended a program presented by Stephen R. Covey, author of the book Seven Activities of Highly Successful People.”

Chapter Eight:

This book was created to give you the opportunity to explore issues you might not have had an occasion to consider.

“It is my belief that it is easy to make business theory and practice difficult, and it is difficult to make it easy. I have found this to be true over the last 30 years by working with managers, senior executives, presidents and chief executive officers as they tried to develop their mission, culture, and operating statements.”

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